It is a policy that applicants and co-applicants for the AAS grants are required to give a number of undertakings with respect to submission of applications. Furthermore, it is the AAS Policy that institutional authorities in the institutions where the research will be carried out accept institutional responsibility and oversight in the overall management of the grant.

Undertakings for AAS Applications
In order to submit an application to the AAS, the applicants and co-applicants must confirm the following:
a) That they have read, understood and accepted the provisions of the AAS Data protection and Data Management and Sharing Policy
b) The information in the application is accurate and complete
c) The AAS grant conditions have been read and are well understood
d) The necessary facilities will be made available to conduct the research, and will continue to be available for the duration of the AAS grant period.

Signatories for Applications
Unless stated otherwise for a specific scheme, the following institutional authorities or their equivalents must sign the application form before submission to the AAS.
a) The Dean of Faculty and the Head of the department where the work will be carried out in the Lead Applicants’ institutions and the Directors or equivalent of all other institutions that are not Universities.
b) The Lead Applicants and co-applicants
c) The Director/Head of Finance in the Lead Applicant’s institutions

Signatories on Transfer of Grants 
If a grant is transferred to a new institution, the undertakings must be signed by all relevant parties as specified in the AAS Transfer Policy.

If a grant is transferred to a new principal investigator at the same institution, the new principal investigator must sign the undertakings.

Exceptions to Signatories
Collaborators are not required to sign the undertakings, but must confirm that they are willing to collaborate on the research project.  Evidence of the assent to collaborate should be attached to the undertaking at hand e.g. through a letter of support.

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