To be the engine for driving sustainable scientific and technological development in Africa.


The AAS mission is to serve, first, as an honorific society with the primary function of honouring African science and technology achievers and, second, as a development-oriented mobiliser of the entire African science and technology community with the fundamental role of facilitating the development of scientific and technological capacity for science-led development in Africa, promoting excellence and relevance in doing so.


The AAS has been repositioning itself to proactively and aggressively respond to the challenges Africa faces by developing its five-year strategy in 2013 .The Academy’s goal is to help shape Africa’s agenda for science and contribute to developing the field.

The AAS elects Fellows, who are proven science, technology and innovation leaders, policy advisors and thinkers most of whom live and work throughout the continent. The Academy also gives prizes, funds research that is relevant to Africa’s challenges, and works with policymakers to develop science strategies. 

The AAS’ work is covered in three areas:

  • Recognising excellence
  • Implementing science, technology and innovation programmes
  • Providing think-tank functions.