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Rwanda leads the way in the adoption of a global standard to strengthen the governance of grant funding

Rwanda has broken new ground to become the first African country to adopt a global standard that promotes transparency and strengthens the governance of grant funding worldwide.

The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS) and the African Organization for Standardisation (ARSO) developed the Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) standard in a three-year process involving many workshops and stakeholders from across the globe who defined, tested and endorsed it. Conformity to the requirements of the standard is performed through an online self-assessment tool (Global Grant Community Portal) in which community based organisations, NGOS, research and academic institutions of any size can rate their capabilities to manage funding.

The online self-assessment tool covers four grant management practice areas –financial managementhuman resourcesprocurement and governance. The GFGP standard, which was adopted by ARSO in June, promotes transparency in the use of funding by local organisations and mitigates the risk of fraud and corruption.

Institutions are benchmarked through a cumulative four tier assessment– Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum– that provides a rating of their capabilities to manage grants with the goal of making African organisations even more attractive to funders and to help them recognise potential areas of greater growth that can be addressed by developing appropriate responses to build their capacities.

Rwanda adopts the GFGP standard as part of a new three-year cooperative agreement signed today between The AAS and the Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) to foster interaction, knowledge sharing and the development and implementation of financial grant standards to promote the socio-economic growth of Rwanda and Africa.

Prof Nelson Torto, The AAS Executive Director and Mr Raymond Murenzi, the RSB Director General, signed the memorandum of understanding today at a ceremony attended by representatives of government, industry and policymakers in the Rwandan capital of Kigali.

Prof Torto said: “We are pleased to sign this landmark MoU with the RSB that marks a progressive step in the implementation of the GFGP standard. The collaboration is mutually beneficial, allowing the parties to harness their capabilities to promote the development and implementation of quality standards for the efficient, transparent and accountable delivery of products and services.”

Mr Murenzi said: “Rwanda Standards Board welcomes the signature of this MoU to implement the GFGP standard. Implementation of this standard will enable us to strengthen collaboration with regulators, stakeholders and partners in the financial sector in Rwanda towards betterment of the governance of organisations that receive funding from the government, such as cooperatives and other partners. Organisations found to be compliant in the accountable use of government or partner funding will earn a GFGP certification to showcase their ability in managing grants”.


Notes to editors

For further information about the MoU:

  • The first step to operationalise the MoU will be to select Rwandese grantees to undergo the GFGP assessment 
  • The AAS will provide scientific resources and capabilities to support the RSB in training, developing and raising the awareness of quality standards to promote compliance 
  • The AAS and the RSB will collaborate to train and select GFGP auditors to certify organisations that are compliant to the standard and to develop training materials in English and Kinyarwanda
  • The partnership will in time evolve to establish Rwanda as a Centre of Excellence for Good Financial Grant Practice

For further information about the GFGP:

The Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) is an innovative and integrated tool to standardise, simplify and strengthen financial governance of grant funding worldwide.  

  • The GFGP is a programme of The AAS that is implemented through the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA), a funding and agenda setting platform of The AAS and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development Planning and Coordinating (NEPAD) Agency  (now known as the African Union Development Agency)
  • The GFGP standard was developed with the support of international partners, including Wellcome, the UK Medical Research Council and Department of Health and the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership.

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Rwanda Standards Board

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It is the only body with powers to define and possess national standards. Public services and public or private firms must present their standards to RSB for adoption at national level. RSB’s mission is to be a trusted party in providing internationally recognised and customer suited standardisation services through provision of standards-based solutions for consumer protection and trade promotion for socio-economic growth in a safe and stable environment.

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