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Our Future Campus

As part of the new sustainability initiative, The AAS plans to build an ecologically sustainable campus at its headquarters. This future campus aims to majorly: provide a scholarly environment for African scientists to use for their sabbaticals/retreat and serve as an African science-hub showcasing some of Africa’s inspiring science, technology and innovations.

The campus is modeled on the premises of it being futuristic, technologically advanced, environmentally friendly with modern workplace design and world class acoustic treatment. It is based on a green underling design philosophy that takes into consideration the best possible use of solar, water recycling, and energy efficient buildings. The design principles incorporate features such as sun-shading, terracing based on the premises of sustainable use of site; use of existing natural features for recreation – dam, pathways, native plantings; natural lighting and ventilation and reduction of carbon footprint- solar energy, bicycle parking etc. The campus will host The AAS secretariat offices, a 300-capacity conference/workshop and accommodation facility, African science, technology and innovation gallery/exhibition and museum, and state of the art outdoor facilities such as parks and recreation areas.

The AAS seeks to diversify and extend partnership and collaborative arrangements with governments, philanthropy, private sector, non-governmental organisations, development funding institutions, multilateral agencies and others at the global, continental, regional, national and sub-national levels in Africa. We invite any of thesekey players interested in partnering on the future campus to connect with us to discuss this partnership further.