This is a landing page, ideal for programs or for other major intitiatives. Think of it as a "homepage" for the project.

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Some content about this area of the site - we suggest about 30 or 40 words. This should encourage users to click to find out more.

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The page is designed to make the spaces line up horizontally, so they're always the same height as others on the same row. But it looks best if you use approximately similar amounts of text in each of these boxes

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At some sizes there will be 3 boxes per row, at smaller sizes 2 per row. And on phones, only 1 per row. The idea is to optimise the view for each screen size.

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On this screen we've shown 5, so you can see how it looks with an "uneven" number on the second row. The design is flexible, so is intended to look good regardless of the content used. But don't add too much text in the button, or it'll "stick out" at the edges!

This text won`t wrap to a second line.

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You'll be able to add and organise these boxes into any order you need. Perfect for introducing information about a project! Each box will link to a content page to find out more.