Prof Kevin Marsh, the African Academy of Sciences Senior Advisor, has won the prestigious USS$1 million Al Sumait Prize for his efforts to control and eradicate malaria, which impacts the health of hundreds of millions of African children.

The Board of Trustees of the Al-Sumait Prize for African Development announced the winners for the prize, which was launched in 2015 and will be awarded annually to individuals and institutions who contribute to ensuring food security and promoting health and education in Africa, on 17 October 2017. Prof Marsh is among the three recipients who will receive a gold medal and a cash prize of US$1 million each.

Dr Adnan Shihab-Eldin, Director General of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), which administers the awards, said those awarded have made major contributions to improving the lives of millions of people throughout Africa.

Prof Marsh will receive his prize from the Amir of the State of Kuwait and the President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo during a ceremony at the Fourth Arab African Summit in Equatorial Guinea on 22 November 2016.

He said, “I am extremely honoured and excited to have been awarded the Al Sumait prize, which I see it as recognition of work carried out with many colleagues in Kenya and across Africa.  The prize will be used to support our work in the African Academy of Sciences and with the Africa Oxford initiative to contribute to the development of science in support of Africa’s development goals.”

Prof Marsh has had an illustrious research career which began in 1989 when he established with colleagues a series of research projects on the clinical epidemiology and immunology of malaria in Kilifi on the Kenyan coast. These have subsequently developed into an international programme, the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme, which involves around 800 staff working across a number of countries in East Africa, of which he was director until August 2014.

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