Secretariat Staff with Dfid delegation

The AAS Secretariat hosted a team of reviewers from DFID and the Association of Commonwealth Universities for a due diligence review in preparation for the commencement of the Climate Impacts Capacity and Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE) project.

The CIRCLE project is a five year project funded by DFID and which will be implemented jointly by the ACU and AAS in sub-Saharan Africa. The project seeks among other things to strengthen research skills that will help African Scientists conduct research on the impacts of climate change and inform policy.

The team of reviewers was led by Dr Luke Mukubvu of DFID in UK and included Andrew Leslie also of DFID. Ben Prasadam-Halls and Dr John Kirkland, both from the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) were also part of the team. The DFID/ACU team met with the AAS management lead by the Secretary General Dr Arungu- Olende, and included AAS Fellow Prof Shem Wandiga, and Executive Director Prof Berhanu Abegaz and staff at the AAS secretariat.