The current Ebola epidemic erupted early this year in three West African countries (Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone) then spread to Nigeria and Senegal on the continent with a few cases exported to the United States and Spain (CDC,2014).

Prof Vincent Pryde Kehdingha Titanji

Prof Vincent Pryde Kehdingha TitanjiAs a result of the timely and response the epidemic in Senegal and Nigeria was brought under control and the other countries are expected to follow suit even if, for the time being, the epidemic is still expanding there.

Herein, have I argued that timely resource mobilization, effective leadership at all levels, active involvement of the affected communities, and above all, the rigorous application of the best scientific knowledge all taken together, were critical for success. It is proposed that if this science- based- and-coordinated approach is applied to other endemic scourges of Africa, it will result their eradication and elimination within the short or medium term..While it is predictable that developed countries with strong health systems like the US and Spain would contain the disease, it could be asked why Nigeria and Senegal and indeed Congo after them, with weak health systems could contain the disease better than the initially infected countries which are still lagging behind. In other words, what lessons can we learn from the control of the EBOLA crises and can these lessons be applied to stem other killer diseases of Africa?

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